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Turn the Distraction of Technology Into A Way to Focus Students

Technology has received a bad reputation as a distraction for young learners, but if you used properly you can turn that distraction into a way to focus students. By carefully selecting online student programs for your students to use, they can enrich their education with the help of technology.

Think of technology as an advantage in the classroom, not a distraction.

Think of technology as an advantage in the classroom, not a distraction.

Like all things, there is a right way and a wrong way to use online student programs in the classroom and at home. How a teacher incorporates technology dictates whether it’s a distraction or a tool for focus and enhanced learning. provides a cloud-based school management system. Our goal is to replace the traditional clunky, inefficient and costly school management software with a breezy and highly affordable online product that everyone actually loves to use.

Controlled Internet Use in the Classroom

Giving every student an iPad or a laptop is likely to lead to some sort of distraction in the classroom. While there are IT security and controls you can implement, you can’t stop a student from opening another application.

With controlled internet use in the classroom, however, students are only granted access to the online student programs selected by the teacher.

Online Resources to Use at Home

Provide students and parents with a list of recommended online resources that offer entertaining games that reinforce important educational concepts. With the right direction, students know where to go to find online student programs and parents can monitor the usage.

Learn more about how you can effectively use technology in your school to improve student focus by watching our 90 second demo video.


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